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Predictions for China's electricity energy store battery industry in 2021

China's energy storage lithium battery shipments in 2020 are 16GWh, of which electricity energy store is 6.6GWh, accounting for 41%, and communication base station energy storage is 7.4GWh, accounting for 46%. Others include energy storage lithium batteries for urban rail transit and industry.

In 2020, electricity energy store is still in the early stage of industrialization. Although policies are intensively introduced to cultivate the energy storage market, problems such as low-price bidding, security concerns and ambiguous business models have not been eliminated. Therefore, the development of the electricity energy store industry still needs a period of time.

With the support of a new round of favorable factors such as the grid connection of renewable energy, auxiliary power compensation policies for power grids, and power price adjustments, China's electricity energy store lithium batteries will have huge room for development in 2021.

CATL's lithium battery electricity energy storage system

In 2021, China's electricity energy store lithium battery market will usher in a demand turning point, and the main driving force will come from factors such as policies and new infrastructure. Through combing the electricity energy store lithium battery industry, combined with survey data and information, make the following five predictions for the electricity energy store lithium battery industry in 2021:

1. In 2019-2020, renewable energy storage grid-connected policies are competing to introduce, following the grid-side energy storage power station, it has ushered in market space for electricity energy store lithium batteries.

In addition, after the provinces issued their electricity price adjustment policies before the end of 2020, they will provide better investment drivers for the arbitrage of the peak-to-valley spreads on the power generation side.

It is expected that in 2021, the renewable energy supporting and frequency modulation market will continue to give priority to energy storage. User-side and distributed energy storage will grow rapidly. In 2021, the demand for power storage lithium batteries in the Chinese market will exceed 5GWh.

2. From a global perspective, more and more countries and regions have a growing desire for alternatives to fossil fuels.

The renewable energy + energy storage program is a decarbonization program recognized by all countries.

Considering that governments around the world are formulating a variety of economic stimulus plans to promote economic development after the epidemic is over, some of them will be designated for the deployment of clean energy facilities, so it is expected that by 2021 global renewable energy + energy storage will emerge strong rebound, energy storage lithium batteries will benefit.

3. As the core component of the energy storage system, lithium batteries play a vital role in the operation of the project.

In participating in the bidding of China's domestic energy storage market, many companies in various links are not conducive to the division of labor in specialized fields.

It is expected that in 2021, more and more lithium battery companies will increase their investment in the energy storage market. At the same time, companies focusing on energy storage lithium batteries will enter the expansion stage. Individual energy storage lithium battery companies will sprint to the market and seek more great development.

4. In 2021, the safety of electric energy storage will rise to an important height, and energy storage projects should begin to implement technical standards in all aspects.

For example, key constraint measures such as spot inspection of energy storage batteries and other core components, system grid-connected inspection, and operational assessment and inspection are incorporated into the technical supervision and inspection process during and after the event.

5. In 2021, the development of energy storage lithium batteries will be more targeted. For example, FM energy storage will use 2C and higher rate products to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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