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Composition and characteristics of lithium battery pack

The process of assembling lithium battery cells into groups is called PACK, which can be a single battery or a series-parallel battery module.

At present, the demand for lithium battery is increasing, and the PACK process of lithium batteries is not difficult. Mastering this technology can assemble batteries by yourself, instead of merely acting as a "porter" for battery manufacturers, more importantly, the profits and after-sales will be better controlled.

Components of PACK:

PACK includes battery packs, bus bars, soft connections, protective boards, outer packaging, output (including connectors), green paper, plastic brackets and other auxiliary materials to form a PACK.

Features of PACK:

1. Battery pack requires a high degree of consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life).

2. The cycle life of the battery pack is lower than the cycle life of a single battery.

3.  Use under limited conditions (including charging, discharging current, charging method, temperature, etc).

4. After the PACK of the lithium battery pack is formed, the battery voltage and capacity have greatly improved, and it must be protected, and it must be monitored for charge balance, temperature, voltage, and overcurrent.

5. The battery pack must meet the voltage and capacity requirements of the design.



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