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Product Trends in the Four Major Fields of CATL

In 2020, the global installed capacity of power batteries is 137GWh, a year-on-year increase of 17%. Among them, CATL has installed 34GWh, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years.

Beginning in 2021, the global lithium battery market demand will increase significantly. In the next 5 years, the lithium battery industry market will usher in a blowout period and quickly enter the TWh era.

Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, believes that high-efficiency and high-quality delivery will be the most important core competitiveness of the company. At the same time, diversification and platformization will also become an effective path to provide the best technical solutions for each scenario.


Zeng Yuqun gave a detailed introduction to the development of new products and new technologies of CATL in the four major areas of passenger cars, commercial fields, energy storage, and battery aftermarket, as follows:

1.The four battery products currently achieve full coverage of passenger car products.

1.1 The BEV battery pack under development achieves a battery life of over 1000km, fast charging in 10 minutes, and a service life of 2 million kilometers in 16 years, which basically solves consumers' battery life anxiety, charging anxiety and life anxiety.

1.2 The 12V lithium battery auxiliary power supply that has been developed is 80% less weight and 60% less volume than traditional lead-acid batteries, and is maintenance-free for life.

1.3 Battery packs for 48V and HEV can achieve a high rate discharge of 60C.

1.4 The PHEV battery pack can realize the braking energy recovery with a magnification of more than 10C.

In addition, Zeng Yuqun specifically pointed out that the development of product platformization will not obliterate product differentiation. Platform-based design can also provide a product matrix with different characteristics to meet the individualized and differentiated needs of enterprises.

Take CATL's CTP platform products as an example. Different power levels can be configured according to customer and market differentiation. Different life batteries can be configured according to differentiated quality assurance requirements. High-intensity applications provide fast battery replacement, low-intensity applications, V2G, and extremely cold areas with low temperature and rapid heating. and many more.

2. The commercial field focuses on long-life batteries and standardized battery packs.

The standardized platform has effectively improved versatility, and actively explored new business models for car battery separation, battery or vehicle leasing.

In addition, in response to the different needs of home and takeaway riders for two-wheeled vehicles, the battery designed by CATL can be quickly charged or changed quickly, and the battery life is long enough. A battery can serve the full life cycle of the two-wheeled vehicle and save the cost of replacing the battery.

3. Energy storage battery breaks through the cycle life bottleneck.

CATL breaks through the cycle life bottleneck. The 12,000 ultra-long cycle life battery introduced can be used for 25 years. It is the first in the world to pass the UL safety test to realize the system does not spread or fire. It adopts 1500V and liquid cooling technology, energy density and energy efficiency are greatly improved.

The realization path of CATL long-life battery mainly involves innovative technologies such as low lithium consumption anode, passivated cathode, bionic self-repairing electrolyte, pole piece microstructure design, adaptive management of expansion force, and life compensation.

4. In terms of product layout in the after-battery market, Zeng Yuqun’s judgment is that functional integration and superposition are the future direction.

CATL developed an integrated intelligent charging pile for optical storage, charging and inspection, which can realize high-power charging without increasing the capacity of electricity, and is highly integrated to save land. The charging station uses a photovoltaic roof to realize battery charging for new energy vehicles.

At the same time, the charging process itself is an in-depth physical examination of the battery, which can provide maintenance recommendations and residual value evaluation reports. Therefore, the energy storage system can also participate in auxiliary services such as power peaking and frequency modulation to increase profitability.



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