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Factors affecting the consistency of lithium battery cells

Battery cell consistency issues have caused many problems for battery companies and vehicle companies. Inconsistent battery capacity and voltage will not only affect battery performance, but also pose a safety hazard to battery applications. There are many factors that can affect the consistency of a battery cell. Raw materials, production processes, BMS systems, and even factory inspections can all be the source of the problem.

Battery materials:

Proportion and purity of electrolytes, purity of solvents, particles and distribution of active materials, stability of material composition, stable uniformity of separator parameters, including voids, thickness errors, static electricity, etc.


Poor battery production equipment, poor stability, low degree of automation, low equipment processing accuracy, poor equipment and process matching will affect battery consistency.

Personnel operation:

In enterprises with a low degree of automation, the standardized operation of personnel fails, the operation ability is inconsistent, and the fluctuation of employee morale and employee mobility caused by poor management will affect the consistency of power devices.

Production methods:

Unclear or defective operating guidelines, defects in incoming inspection documents, frequent process changes, and incomplete process standards.

Production environment:

The factory is non-compliant, and temperature and humidity failures due to equipment failures, weather effects, etc.

In addition, the design level of the BMS system directly affects the consistency of the battery.

In summary, as a battery pack assembly factory, accurate sorting of battery cells is extremely necessary. As a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of lithium battery pack assembly production machine, Xiamen WinAck has accumulated a lot of engineering data and experience in the R&D of automatic battery sorting machine, it is suitable for automatic battery sorting, the highly automated human-machine interface makes it very easy to operate. Through manual loading and simple settings, the battery sorting process can be completed.



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