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New Requirements for the Light EV Lithium Battery

The global lithium battery industry is ushering in explosive growth and will continue to maintain a high growth trend in the future.

With the significant drop in the cost of lithium batteries and the significant improvement in technical performance, lithium batteries will move towards more and more application scenarios.

The competition in the lithium battery industry has fully entered the stage of “struggling for quality” from “struggling for quantity”.


The lithium-ionization of light-weight electric vehicles is accelerating, and multiple factors such as industry policies, demand changes, and business model innovation are superimposed, driving the rapid development of light-weight vehicle lithium batteries.

The two-wheel electric vehicle lithium battery market has exploded, attracting lithium battery factories, traditional lead-acid battery factories, and power battery giants to enter the game, and industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Based on a deep understanding of the market, there are new requirements for lithium batteries for light electric vehicles, as follows:

1.Safer, from material selection to cell structure design, to PACK design (IPX7 waterproof, V0 flame retardant), all-round guarantee of battery safety.

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase suitable high-quality equipment from professional battery pack making machine manufacturers and battery testing equipment suppliers to escort the production of high-quality lithium battery packs.

2. Lighter, the weight is one-third of the lead-acid battery of the same capacity, and the volume is one-fourth, easy to extract and easy to charge.

3. More durable, three times the warranty of lead-acid batteries, three-year warranty, five years of use, longer life, more solid and durable.

4. It is more resistant to cold, and can still release 90% of the electricity at -20°C, which solves a major pain point of lead-acid batteries and ternary lithium batteries in winter.

5. Longer mileage, with the same battery capacity, it can drive farther than traditional batteries.

6. More cost-effective, the cost is constantly moving closer to the lead-acid battery, and the cost performance is higher, and it is value for money.

The application scenarios of lithium batteries for light-weight electric vehicles are more complex and severe than other subdivisions. Lithium batteries should be based on the terminal and respect user needs. After a large number of market verifications, companies can occupy a large market share for a long time.



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