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What are the features of pure nickel strip for lithium-ion batteries?

Nickel is a silver-white metal with magnetism and good plasticity. Pure nickel has good corrosion resistance. Nickel is approximately silvery white, hard, ductile and ferromagnetic. It is highly polished and resistant to corrosion.

Features of pure nickel strip:

1. Pure nickel strip has the physical and chemical properties of metallic nickel.

2. It is resistant to strong alkali, neutral and weak acid, and has stable performance in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water.

3. It has good spot-welding performance, high tensile tension and easy operation.

4. Pure nickel strip has good electrical conductivity and low internal resistance. It is often used as battery connection sheet, lead sheet, and busbar for 18650 and 21700 lithium-ion battery packs.

5. Pure nickel has good gloss, ductility, solderability, conductivity and corrosion resistance.

0.2mm 99.5% Pure nickel strip for lithium ion battery pack for E-bike AGV Power-tool 

How to distinguish pure nickel strip and nickel-plated steel sheet simply?

1. For the same size, it can be compared by weight, the lighter is pure nickel strip, and the heavier is nickel plated steel sheet.

2. If there is a battery spot welding machine for lithium-ion battery packs, spot welding can be used for comparison. The higher current is pure nickel sheet, and the lower current is nickel-plated steel sheet. Because the internal resistance of pure nickel sheet is lower than that of nickel-plated steel sheet.

3. There is a simpler method, which is to do corrosion resistance test. Scratch the surface with metal and wipe it clean, and soak it in salt water with a concentration of more than 20%. The nickel-plated steel strip is poor in corrosion resistance.



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