Lithium Battery Pack Aging Cabinet

  • Lithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing Equipment
  • Lithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing Equipment
Lithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing EquipmentLithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing Equipment

Lithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing Equipment

  • Model: WA-BCT-8C60V30A
  • Voltage test: 0~60V (customizable)
  • Current test: 0~30A (customizable)
  • Channels:8CH (Can be customized)
  • Description: The lithium-ion battery cycler system is suitable for e-bike battery, e-motorcycle battery, UPS battery and AGV battery deep cycle charge and discharge testing.

Product description:

The battery cycle life testing system is mainly used for lithium-ion battery pack charging and discharging deep cycle life test. The test items include: voltage, current, internal resistance and capacity during cycling charge and discharge.

Scope of application:

The battery cycler system is suitable for the lithium-ion battery pack, include: e-bike batteries, electric motorcycle batteries, backup power supplies, EV batteries, etc.


1. It has the function of constant current and voltage charging, constant current discharging, charging and discharging the battery, and recording the battery capacity.

2. It fully meets the requirements of the same port and separate port of battery pack charge and discharge, i.e. 2 wires (P + P -) and 3 wires (P + P-C -). At the same time, the electric tool battery (CH + P + P -) with positive plate charging protection and negative plate discharging protection can be aged.

3. By charging and discharging the battery, the function of charging protection and discharging protection can be detected.

4.Anti reverse connection protection function; voltage upper and lower limit setting protection; safe discharge current protection.

5. The software system adopts classic and mature C / S mode. There are two communication modes: serial port and network. Serial port can realize accurate communication of several instruments in short distance, and network can realize accurate communication of many instruments in long distance.

Based on Windows operation interface, SQL database is used to store test data, which is very convenient for staff to query and export data online.

6. According to battery bar code, time and equipment number, the aging curve chart of charge and discharge can be viewed, and the curve chart can be exported at the same time.

Battery cycler machine parameters


Lithium-ion Battery Life Cycle Testing Equipment



Power supply

AC 220V ±10% / 50Hz

Voltage test

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Output voltage range


Output voltage accuracy


Current test

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Output current range


Output current accuracy


Power test

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Output power range


Output power accuracy


Full-scale current response time


Time resolution


Input impedance


Supported charging and discharging modes

Constant current charging

Constant voltage charging

Constant current to constant voltage charging

Constant power charging

Constant current discharge

Constant power discharge

Constant resistance discharge

Single cycle steps

399 steps

Cycle measurement range

65535 cycles

Data record

Data collection rate


Data recording rate


Data recording conditions

∆T, ∆I, ∆V, ∆Temp

Communication method

Ethernet, 100Mbps



Integrated anti-reverse connection module to prevent reverse battery connection


1.Power-down data protection

2.Other protection settings:

Voltage upper or lower limit

Current upper or lower limit

Capacity limit

Energy limit

Voltage change rate

Delay protection

Upper and lower temperature limits

Fan noise


Calibration frequency


 Lithium-ion battery life cycle tester for e-bike e-motorcycle AGV

E-bike lithium-ion battery pack life cycle tester