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Employee birthday party in March

For the employees of Xiamen WinAck Battery Technology Co., Ltd., the monthly birthday party is really the most anticipated day. According to established practice, birthday parties are usually held in the middle of each month. At that time, the birthday stars will gather together to celebrate each other's birthday.

In the morning, everyone was busy with work, and colleagues in the personnel and administrative departments began to set up. The girls decorated the front desk with hydrogen balloons with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", pulled up the ribbons, prepared fruits and played props, and were very happy after getting busy.

This birthday party starts with a small game. With the rhythm of the host, everyone is as active and engaged as they are at work. Colleagues from different departments collaborate with each other and work together to win the game. At the end of the game, officially entered the birthday party. The ladies and sisters of the personnel and administration department turned off the lights and brought the big cake prepared. Everyone involuntarily sang a happy birthday song while applauding. In this situation, I believe no one will not be moved. The birthday stars made a wish together, blew candles, and shared delicious cakes.

Although it is a simple birthday party, it gives everyone a sense of belonging and collective honor, and also makes other employees feel the atmosphere of the company, so we work harder.

Employee birthday party in March



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