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Cylindrical lithium battery: mature production process, high product yield

There are many types of cylindrical lithium batteries, such as 14650, 17490, 18650, 21700, 26500, 32250, and so on...

Production technology of cylindrical lithium battery is mature, the cost of battery pack assembly is low, battery yield and battery consistency is high. Due to the large heat dissipation area of the battery pack, its heat dissipation performance is better than the square battery. The cylindrical battery facilitates the combination of various forms and is suitable for the complete layout of electric vehicle space design.

However, cylindrical batteries are usually packaged in a steel or aluminum case, which is relatively heavy and has a relatively low specific energy. At present,China,Japan,South Korea and the United States have mature production enterprises, such as Sanyo, Sony, LG, Wanxiang Group A123 and so on..

With the further expansion of the electric vehicle market and the continuous increase in mileage requirements, automakers have set higher requirements on power batteries in terms of energy density, manufacturing costs, cycle life, and product additional attributes. Under the premise of no major breakthrough in the field of raw materials, it is an exploratory direction to appropriately increase the volume of cylindrical batteries to obtain greater battery capacity.

At present, Tesla has started the large-scale production of 21700 batteries, and plans to use it on the Tesla Model 3. If it passes the test on other models of Tesla, it will replace all the 18650 batteries used previously. The pull approach may lead a "21700 wave" in the world.



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