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Retired power battery pack unpacking and reorganization for reuse?

Retired power battery pack unpacking and reorganization for reuse

In fact, since the vehicle battery pack is not a single battery, it is inevitable that the life of each battery cell will be different. It is obviously not cost-effective to scrap some still usable batteries directly. Therefore, the gradual utilization technology of power batteries has appeared at a historic moment, and has become one of the methods to reduce the use cost of power batteries and the cost of pollution prevention.

By disassembling and reassembling the battery pack, the discarded batteries can be reused. This can undoubtedly dilute the manufacturing cost of power batteries and alleviate potential environmental protection issues.

The battery recycling industry will face rapid development, and the scale of the battery recycling market will also expand rapidly. How to ensure that the power battery used by the ladder can be accepted by the user?

The stepped use of the power battery looks very beautiful, and can maximize the life of the battery. Even if the performance cannot meet future vehicle requirements, it can be turned to base station backup power supply, charging station energy storage facilities and other relatively low-demand application scenarios.

Large power consumers such as factories can also use this type of battery as an energy storage device, using peak and valley electricity prices to save part of the production cost. The gradient utilization of power batteries can be said to be a measure that benefits the whole society. But can it really be so good?

Since gradient utilization requires unpacking and reorganization of the original power battery pack, it is important to measure the performance of the battery cells. In order to make the re-battery have good consistency, it is necessary to match the appropriate battery components and battery cells.



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