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Tesla is about to produce lithium battery

Tesla is about to produce lithium battery

Recently, According to media reports, Tesla and South Korea Hanwha Group signed an order for battery manufacturing machines, preparing to produce their own lithium battery.

According to public information, Hanwha Group is a famous Korean consortium established in 1952. Its business scope includes industrial manufacturing, construction real estate, financial insurance, energy development and other fields.

Tesla's recent series of initiatives show that their ambitions have shifted from the electric vehicle industry to the power battery industry, and new competition will begin.

In April 2020, Tesla submitted a new patent-a new battery lithium process, which can not only improve battery performance, but also save costs. The patent is expected to extend the service life of electric vehicle batteries to 1.6 million kilometers.

In 2019, Tesla acquired Hibar, a Canadian battery manufacturing equipment and engineering technology company, and Maxwell, a company specializing in research and development of batteries and capacitors. Both companies are developing technologies that enable better battery quality and more efficient production costs.



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