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CATL expands energy storage lithium battery system business

energy storage lithium battery system

With the continuous improvement of lithium battery technology, the continuous decline in cost and the maturity of energy storage application scenarios, battery giants have poured into this market.

The safety of energy storage battery systems is a common concern in the industry, and is also the entry barrier for lithium battery manufacturers to make energy storage battery systems. Actively participating in international high-standard authoritative tests and verifying the safety of energy storage products is one of the methods used by battery manufacturers to demonstrate their energy storage battery technology.

CATL recently stated that its LFP energy storage products, air-cooled energy storage battery system (1P20S series) and water-cooled energy storage battery system (1P52S series) successfully passed the UL 9540A test at the battery, module and cabinet level, becoming the first Chinese company to pass Certified standard lithium battery manufacturer.

According to reports, the UL 9540A test was proposed by UL and is a test method for evaluating the spread of large-scale thermal runaway fires in battery energy storage systems. Currently, it is considered one of the challenging international safety tests in the industry.

The popularization of energy storage products will promote the efficient use of green energy and is one of the important factors of global energy reform. The market potential is huge.

It is worth noting that the current layout of lithium batteries in the energy storage market is relatively small. When the technology is not fully mature and capital has not yet entered the market on a large scale, there are still many uncertainties in the competition in the energy storage market.



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