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The demand for lithium battery packs in 5G base stations has risen sharply

lithium battery packs in 5G base stations

This year, the LFP battery pack is not only popular in the new energy vehicle market, but also the demand in the 5G base station scenario has increased dramatically. It is estimated that by 2020, the demand for LFP battery packs for new and rebuilt 5G base stations inChinawill reach 10GWh. By 2025, it will surge to 155.4GWh.

Industry insiders pointed out that compared with the lead-acid batteries used in 4G base stations, LFP battery packs have obvious advantages in terms of safety, cycle life, rapid charge and discharge, etc., which can reduce the dependence on the city power capacity expansion and transformation, reduce network construction Operating cost is currently the most suitable technical route for 5G base station energy storage batteries in China.

The cycle life of general lead-acid batteries is 3-5 years, and the number of charge and discharge times is 500-600 times, while the cycle life of LFP battery pack is more than 10 years, and the number of charge and discharge times is more than 3000 times, that is, the full life cycle of the base station Inside, if you use a lead-acid battery, you need to replace the battery, and the LFP battery pack does not need to be replaced.

From the perspective of long-term operation economic benefits, LFP battery packs use lower costs.

The BMS of the LFP battery pack can monitor the entire battery system equipment to realize the monitoring of the performance of each battery in the backup power supply. The user can easily grasp the remaining power of each battery and the operation of the equipment by simply moving his finger The trend of smart base station development is highly compatible.

In terms of safety performance, LFP battery packs have a higher temperature runaway degree, less open flame explosions, and high safety controllability, which can ensure the safe operation of 5G base stations.



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