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The battery cell sorting machine is sent to France

With the vigorous promotion of electric vehicles, the accelerated popularization of digital electronic products, the market pursuit of rechargeable electric tools and the huge potential market for E-bike, the lithium-ion battery market has also developed rapidly. Among them,Europehas become one of the fastest-growing markets for lithium-ion batteries in the world.

Many battery pack assembly plants have expanded their production capacity to occupy more markets. Recently, customers from France ordered a 6-channel battery cell sorting machine. After the battery cells have been sorted for capacity, the 18650 battery sorter machine can be used to sort the cells into the specified channel according to the set cell voltage and internal resistance. After the battery cells are sorted by capacity, sorting according to the voltage and internal resistance value can greatly improve the consistency of the battery cells and play a vital role in improving the quality of the battery pack.

Founded in 2011, Xiamen WinAck has always focused on the R&D, production and sales of battery pack assembly machine and battery testing equipment. The main business is to provide solutions for the lithium battery pack assembly production line, include: battery insulation paper sticking machine, battery cell sorting machine, battery spot welding machine, battery test equipment, battery PCM tester…

Battery cell sorting machine

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