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New competition model of lithium battery market for electric motorcycles in China

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In recent years, almost all battery manufacturers have rushed to make power battery for electric vehicles, and people from all over the world fought for it. Many battery manufacturing companies are either dying because of unavailable orders, broken capital chains, or quality problems, and even bankruptcy.

However, as of now, the battery sales of two-wheel electric bicycles are much larger than those of four-wheel electric vehicles; this is enough to feed many battery manufacturers.

Of course, the sales of two-wheeler batteries are currently mainly based on lead-acid batteries, but it is an inevitable trend that lithium batteries replace lead-acid batteries. At present, the proportion of lighter and more environmentally friendly lithium batteries is very low, and the market share that can be improved is huge.

In March 2019, led by Tencent and NIO Capital, etc., the electric vehicle power battery sharing and charging service provider YIQI Exchange completed hundreds of millions of yuan in round B financing.

In April 2019, at the Tianjin International Bicycle Electric Auto Show, Phylion Battery demonstrated its smart power exchange system, which enables seamless and intelligent docking from the battery to the power exchange cabinet to the entire vehicle.

In April 2019, Far East Battery signed a framework cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Modong Technology to provide a "lithium battery smart energy system" to provide power cells for its smart power exchange system.

In June, CATL held a strategic cooperation conference with Alibaba Group Hello Travel and Ant Financial, and announced the first phase of a joint investment of 1 billion yuan to establish a joint venture company to launch a power exchange service that positions the basic energy network of two-wheel electric vehicles.

It is reported that CATL has specially developed a power battery for two-wheeled electric vehicles. Its life span is comparable to that of four-wheeled vehicles. It weighs only 1/4 of that of traditional two-wheeled vehicles and has a longer range. CATL Chairman Zeng Yuqun said that CATL will provide first-class electrified solutions for the two-round basic energy network with the world's leading lithium battery technology, and jointly create a new model of smart travel.

From the data point of view, the current average daily cycling demand in China exceeds 200 million times. At the same time, the average daily demand for two-wheel electric vehicles in China exceeds 700 million times, and the demand and volume are more than three times the bicycle market. As of the end of 2019, the number of electric bicycles in my country has exceeded 350 million, and the annual sales volume exceeds 40 million vehicles annually, making it a veritable "national travel artifact".

In particular, in recent years, the development of express delivery, take-out and other industries has made electric bicycles just the need for these people to travel. According to the release data of Meituan and Hummingbird, as early as 2018, Meituan alone had more than 2.7 million single riders, and Hummingbird delivered more than 3 million registered riders. At present, the number of couriers and takeaways in major cities in China has already exceeded 10 million. It can be said to be a vast city cycling corps.

However, electric bicycles have their own "fatal weakness", and short battery life and difficult charging are lingering diseases. Generally speaking, electric bicycles have a battery life of 50 to 60 kilometers, and they have no electricity for about 3 hours of riding, and charging takes several hours, which can not meet the actual needs of ordinary electric vehicle users, as well as takeaway riders and couriers.

Generally speaking, the delivery group such as express delivery and take-out needs to replace the battery 2-3 times a day, while the C-end users replace it every 3 days, and the frequency of power replacement is very high.

It must be said that the intelligent shared power station is a genuine high-tech. It is based on big data. It can install power exchange cabinets in different places through consumers' power exchange cycles and usage habits. It has remote monitoring, precise positioning, and remote control. Lock and other functions.

Moreover, many power battery changes operate extremely well. The user queries the nearest power battery exchange cabinet through the mobile phone APP, and makes an appointment to replace the battery; at the same time, the user can decide whether to replace the battery according to the current battery power and the number of kilometers of the reserved battery.

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