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Xiamen WinAck lithium battery pack assembly equipment development seminar

Battery Pack Assembly Equipment Development Seminar

On June 18, 2020, Xiamen WinAck held a technical seminar on the development of lithium battery pack assembly equipment.

Affected by the acceleration of the electrification process in the end market, the global lithium battery has entered a new round of production expansion competition. The demand for lithium battery production machine and lithium battery pack assembly equipment is increasing. In order to better meet the needs of customers, this technical seminar is specially held.

The seminar was chaired by the company's R&D department and sales department, and related personnel from the procurement department, production department and quality control department also participated in the seminar. Participants expressed their ideas one after another and offered suggestions for the company's development.

Rudy, the sales manager, said that by improving the yield rate, innovating processes, reducing operating costs, developing integrated equipment, and providing fully automated lithium battery pack assembly lines to further meet market demand. The use of an all-intelligent production line can greatly save labor, the product qualification rate is higher, and the modular design can greatly shorten the time for customers to change models, and subsequent intelligent upgrades are also more convenient.

Zhu Jianhua, head of the R&D department, said that by improving the technical content and production efficiency of equipment, establishing standardized and flexible modules, shortening the research and development cycle has become its core path to reduce costs. It is worth noting that the amount of investment in unit production capacity has been greatly reduced, and internationalization, intelligence, integration, and full-line delivery are the key directions for the future development of the lithium battery manufacturing market.

Xiamen WinAck has core technology, industrial scale and rich head customer cooperation experience; integrates with the world, has global product thinking, and meets international product design standards; understand and apply intelligent manufacturing methods to reduce production with information and intelligence Operating costs; establish a global service system.

This technical seminar clarified the company's follow-up development direction. Briefly summarized as follows:

1. Assemble the enterprise's own advantages, independently develop and promote leading equipment; strive to reduce costs, improve yield, and enhance technological advantages.

2. Cooperate with domestic and foreign equipment companies with different product and technology advantages to jointly develop equipment to achieve cross-border equipment collaboration and process optimization to avoid patent disputes.

3. At the market extension level, we will develop specific products to meet market demands, and import additional equipment.

4. Relying on the advantages of technology, cost, scale and service, the globalization layout trend is launched.



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