Battery Test Equipment

  • Battery Cycle Tester / Battery Capacity Testing Equipment
Battery Cycle Tester / Battery Capacity Testing Equipment

Battery Cycle Tester / Battery Capacity Testing Equipment

  • Model: WA-BCT-3840506
  • Channels: 384Channels(Customizable)
  • Voltage measurement range: 0 - 5V(Customizable)
  • Current Range: 0.02A - 6A (Customizable)
  • Description: Xiamen WinAck professionally manufactures 18650 Battery Cell, Module and Pack Cycle Test Equipment with reasonable price and reliable quality.

Product description:

The battery cycler is used for lithium-ion battery pre-charge activation and capacity sorting of finished battery cells. It is mainly consists of the automatic opening and clamping mechanism, fixture and the plate where the fixture is placed, as well as the control circuit board, charge and discharge constant current and constant pressure board, drive switch power supply installed inside the cabinet; the equipment itself can be operated independently, or controlled by an external computer.

Brief operation procedure: The battery life cycle testing equipment is arranged symmetrically for the battery fixture, open the pneumatic open-clip switch in the loading position, the fixture will open automatically, put the battery into the fixture manually and close the pneumatic open-clip switch, send the formation or capacity sorting command through the computer or panel, start the formation and capacity sorting equipment, formation or capacity sorting according to the set conditions, after that the data can be sent to EXCEL, ACCESS, WORD file and exported to the database system.

Scope of application:

The battery cycler is primarily used for battery cell cycle life testing, but can also be used for battery cell pre-charge activation and capacity grading sorting. It is suitable for various types of cylindrical lithium battery cells, such as 18650, 21700, 26650, etc. For the battery pack assembly factory, the capacity of the battery cells can be further tested and sorted to ensure the quality of the battery pack.

The Battery Cycler Characteristic:

1. Energy efficient power supply systems.

2. Energy recovery circuit design.

3. Modular design for easy maintenance.

4. Auto-clip design simplifies operation.

5. Low miscarriage of justice for patented thimble designs.

6. Compact and space efficient.

7. Supports offline mode of operation.

Equipment parameters


Battery Cycle Tester (5V 6A)




384 Channels

Battery typeCustomizable

26650, 32650

Power supply

AC 220V ±10% / 50Hz



Parameters of the channel

Voltage measurement range


0 - 5V

Resolution : 1mv

Voltage range


Charging: 0V - 4.5V

Discharging: 4.5V - 2V

Voltage accuracy

(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Current Range


Charging: 0.02A - 6A

Discharging: 0.02A - 6A

Resolution: 1mA

Current accuracy

(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Parameters of the whole equipment

Control method

Overall cabinet control

Charging mode

Constant current (CC)

Constant voltage (CV)

Constant current and constant voltage

Charging cut-off conditions

Voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge mode

Constant current (CC)

Constant current and constant voltage source

The battery has no impact when switching from constant current to constant voltage.

Discharge cut-off conditions

Voltage, time, capacity

Protective function

Safety protection: over current, under current, over voltage, low voltage, over capacity, leakage current, reverse connection protection.

Data protection: With data power-off protection function.

Process settings

32 working steps and 255 cycles.

Sampling inspection cycle

Whole cabinet: 8S

Single channel: 0.01S

Sorting method

Various conditions (capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.) are sorted.

Communication Method


Qualification rate of products


Equipment operation rate


Fixture form

Four-Wire Fixture

Test Fixture for Cylindrical Lithium-ionBattery

Heat Dissipation Method

Air-cooled, using low-noise axial fan exhaust cooling.

Working condition


Relative humidity85%

Frame color

Cold-rolled steel, baked enamel finish



Battery Cycler for 18650 Lithium Battery